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Cpl PalmerMTSP Packing EventSep 5

by Teri Palmer on 08/30/14

Come join us for the next Troop Packing event at Dr's Hospital, Manteca, Sep 5th!


Thank you's from our troops!

by Teri Palmer on 01/10/13

Hey Everyone,

Please see all the comments to all the posts to see all Thank you's we have received. I thought they would all show up in date order but for some reason some show up as comments to posts!

Happy New Year and Thank You!

by Teri Palmer on 01/09/13

To all of our Troops! Thank you for your service!  We so appreciate all the hard work you do each and every day!  We so realize the sacrifices you and your family make for us and how it takes very special people to serve and stand along side those who serve! We are the land of the brave because of you the brave!

To all who help us support our Troops!  Thank you!  Every item donated and every dollar donated is so much appreciated!  Last year we were able to host 11 Troop Box Packing events and we know that many of you also hosted your own events as well.  We pray each box and letter was filled with love and appreciation and was received in the same manner!  May we continue this year to rally together to send even more packages and provide as much support as possible!  We have several Troop Box Packing events scheduled already and would like to have all of you attend as many as possible.  We are also open to adding more events and gladly welcome suggestions for improving what we do!

Schedule of upcoming events:

January 27, 2013   2-4pm   Valley Charter High, Modesto, CA

February 17, 2013 2-4pm American Legion Post 249, Manteca, CA

April 17, 2013       2-4pm American Legion Post 249, Manteca, CA

September 22, 2013 2-4pm American Legion Post 249, Manteca, CA

November 17, 2013 2-4pm American Legion Post 249, Manteca, CA


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

care packages

by Teri Palmer on 10/10/12

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Chuck & Teri,

I would like to thank you so much for the (5) care packages that I received this past weekend! To be honest it was a great surprise to hear I had packages for me. It definitely made me wonder who sent them since Michelle and I talk nearly every day and she never mentioned anything about sending anything. I have received care packages before but these are some of the best! With the packages came letters, pictures and cards from what looks like the local schools. I haven’t had a chance to open up the cards and letters yet but the plan is to get that done this week. I shared the boxes with another Marine so he and I will be replying back to the people who took the time to write us. We have some Djibouti families that live in the hills near one of our training areas here that we would like to give the extra items to if that is OK with you guys. They live in shacks along the hill sides with no power or running water with temp over 100 deg and the humidity well over 60% every day. In short it is always crazy hot here and they have no access to any comfort items like what you have provided me/Marines with.

Well I need to get back to work but I wanted to make sure I got this done be for it gets put in the “to do” pile and never get done. Thank you for everything and please tell everyone that was involved I said thank you and I appreciate them thinking of me and the rest of the Marines here in Djibouti, Africa. Semper Fi.

GySgt Duran

Subj: RE: Care Packages

by Teri Palmer on 10/04/12

Sent: 10/4/2012 1:42:09 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Care Packages (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Dear Chuck and Teri,

Thank you for memorializing you Son is such a thoughtful and tangible way.
I cannot imagine your sorrow and sense of loss. Know that his memory is well served in your continued sacrifice of time, effort and energy. I have forwarded your request to SFC Ricardo Herrera for him to action on behalf of the Task Force Aviation soldiers serving here in Kosovo. Thank you again for your dedication and service to others. May your healing be complete, and the scares of memory made whole with each passing day.

Kindest personal regards,

Don Engel