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Chuck, Teri & Jason,

I finished packing my care package to William Marchand (E-3) and mailed it yesterday.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing someone in a far away land defending people they have never met will receive a box from home filled with lots of love and goodies.

As with a ripple in the pond, your generosity affects us all; one never knows where it will spread. In spite of the loss of Charles you always find a way to extend your hand of support. You continue to touch the lives of many.

I had fun doing those packages.  Thank you for bringing it in.  it felt like I was filling a stocking at Christmas…

-Luke Reimers 

Wilbur, Kris & Kassie                                June 14 2010                                         
Thank you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Also thank you for the monster band aids and whoopi cushion; I will put to use everything you were kind enough to send.
   I’d like to let you know that my Marines and I are doing well and morale is high. The support of our families and friends like you keep us strung and is a reminder of what we fight for.
   I did read Psalm 118 and enjoyed the passage. The Lord is with us all, in him we will all return home safely one day, but not until victory is ours and America is safe. Please embrace each other as I will my family when I return home. Love is happiness and I hope we are all fortunate enough to know its power. 
                                                                                                           God Bless and Thanks
                                                                                                                 Brian J. Oldaker