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Filled with Gold

by Teri Palmer on 11/06/17

February 27, 2017

Filled with Gold

On February 23 & 24, 2017, my wife and I were given the honor, no the privilege to walk in rooms filled with Gold.  We attended the 12th Anniversary of the Gold Star Parents Event at the Marine Memorial Club, SF.  Here we displayed our most precious sons and daughters lost to war(s).   Nearly 95 very brave men and women lit up the room with their Gold Stars that represented the lives of these children; brothers; parents!  Their lives are the shining hope of our freedoms and sacrificial giving.

Wars to protect America’s freedoms with their ultimate sacrifice.  Wars to help other nations win their freedoms and hold on to them.  But isn’t that the call they answered?  Isn’t that what they spent every ounce of courage, even to the death?  I know that was what my son did; USMC Cpl Charles O Palmer II, KIA 5 May 2007, Iraq.

Our son was 36 years old, with 12 years of service, when he was killed.  Charles was respected by his crew; his handle was “old man”; and he had just returned from a mission.  His Master Sergeant requested him for the mission. Charles would obey his orders regardless where they took him.  MSGT Kenneth Mack, USMC KIA 5 May 2007.

While speaking to the other parents, the story was the same, details different, but in the end, they could not be stopped.  In a world where honor and sacrifice seems to be lost, we know it is not.  One only had to look at the Gold in the Remembrance Rooms. 

And the pride that each parent carried – a Gold Star Pin clipped upon their chest.  Rooms of Gold with pictures displayed in the war zones, medals that were earned, examples of their childhood and how they grew to be the Hero he/she are.  They didn’t ask for such display, but it is necessary to keep them alive. For families to say they lived and meant something to others in their lives.  To Never Be Forgotten for their bravery and sacrifice.  And to remind others Freedoms are not Free. 

Nearly 100 Golden Nuggets.  That is what the 2 days were for –

“My wife and I were given the honor, no the privilege to walk in rooms filled with Gold.” 


By Chuck Palmer, Gold Star Dad

USMC Cpl Charles O Palmer II, KIA 5 May 2007, Iraq

8th Com Bn II MHG, II MEF; Attached: TF 1/2, RCT 2

II MEF Forward War On Terrorism/Operation Iraqi Freedom

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